ST Gregory

August 14, 2022

Deacon Preaching Schedule Change

Change is inevitable, whether in our personal or professional lives. Life just does not stay static, nor do institutions. Sometimes change is welcomed and other times change is viewed as challenging. Change can be seen as an opportunity to improve or to do things differently. This openness can help us  through some very exciting changes as well as some difficult ones.  Having a sense of openness and flexibility allows us to see another view and to hear bold new ideas, even if they might make us uncomfortable.

Change can also be challenging so remain focused on your own vision and goals; remain respectful despite any differences that may arise; maintain your integrity; and, at the end of the day, stand up for what you believe to be important. Having a vision includes having specific goals or outcomes that you are working to achieve. Oftentimes, on a day-to-day basis, it is easy to get caught up on operational details.  During times of change, we may not always agree with decisions or directions. At these times it is important to remain respectful despite differences. In my view, good leaders model the notion that we can agree to disagree and that should be perfectly fine. In reality, this may not always be the case – people may have mixed feelings. During those times it is probably wise to keep an open mind and remain reflective. There will be times when you just have to take a leap of faith, believe in your peers and embrace the change.

This weekend, our family of parishes will experience a change. Our deacons have preached at various times over the years. Beginning in August, deacons will preach the second weekend of the month in all the parishes of our family. This will be ongoing and give our congregations the ability to witness and hear from a variety of preachers. A change in our personal lives is that school begins this week for a lot of school districts. Immaculate Heart of Mary and Guardian Angel Schools both begin on Wednesday, August 17. One thing we can be assured of is that the one thing that doesn’t change is change. We pray for the grace to accept the changes in our lives.