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Family Pastoral Council


The unified Family Pastoral Council which is made up of three representatives from each of our three churches.   Our pastor, Father Steve Angi, in consultation with the Pathways Team, and after receiving applications and conducting interviews, appointed the members of the new council.

The members of the Council come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  They possess different types of pertinent knowledge and have made an array of helpful observations of the current implementation of Beacons of Light.  The Council understands its consultative role and going forward it owns the execution of the Parish Pastoral Plan that was developed by the Pathways Team.

Family Pastoral Council Members

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Guardian Angels

Immaculate Heart of Mary

St. John Fisher

This new Family Pastoral Council will be the primary consultative voice of the parishioners of our Family of Parishes.

The Family Pastoral Council:


Is a consultative body that assists the pastor in matters of pastoral activity, and it explores and studies matters of importance to the Family of Parishes.


Works in a spirit of prayer and discernment as a sign of witness to the Family of Parishes.


Is the primary means by which the voices of the parishioners are represented.


Develops its guidelines in accordance with the universal law of the Church and with the policies of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Pastoral planning for the Family of Parishes is the principal activity of the Pastoral Council.  The Council will work in close consultation with Father Angi.  The Council will solicit input and feedback from parishioners of all three churches and make recommendations to the pastor in the interest of the unified St. Gregory the Great Parish.

The St. Gregrory the Great Pastoral Council has already begun to meet.  Our meetings have produced acceptance of our role, honest dialogue and a dedication to move forward as our churches together grow in discipleship with the Lord.  The direction of the new Council is clear – Investigate, Reflect, Recommend.

The first priority of the new Council is communications.  It is vitally important that parishioners are informed truthfully.  Our three churches have an excellent variety of communication tools.  The Council will utilize these tools to provide parishioners with information on pastoral plans, to reassure parishioners they have a voice and to dispel myths that may exist from time to time.  Please look for more information to be coming out in the new year.

Beacons of Light is about building up and creating one parish with our three churches to make the best use of our time, talent, and treasure.  By drawing on our Catholic faith and accepting guidance from the Holy Spirit, St. Gregory the Great will be a dynamic parish.