ST Gregory

December 11, 2022

Disciple Maker Index Details

There is a song in the musical, “Godspell,” that depicts Advent mixed in with the passion death and resurrection of Christ. The song is “Prepare Ye.”

“Prepare ye the Way of the Lord, Prepare ye the Way of the Lord. Long Live God, Long Live God.” 

With the Beacons of Light entering into full process with the Pathways Team and other preparations, we are in a sense preparing the way of the Lord in our family of parishes. One form of preparation that has been announced in the bulletin is the “Disciple Maker Index” which is encouraging all parishioners to participate. This is a survey that helps us navigate through the phases of Beacons of Light. This survey enables you to reflect on your spiritual growth and provide feedback on what efforts the parish is doing to help you grow. All responses are confidential. The results are invaluable to me , the staff and our many volunteers as we seek ways to support everyone in their discipleship journey. Please take a few minutes to help in this important project. If you need a paper copy and are challenged in how to navigate the online form, please contact the parish offices and they can assist you.