ST Gregory

June 12, 2022

Immaculate Heart of Mary Mass Schedule Change Announcement

With the implementation of Beacons of Light there will inevitably be changes in many areas of parish life. As part of the implementation, the Archdiocese has asked each parish to look at their current Mass schedules and see where consolidations across the parish family could take place based on attendance and the availability of priests. Representatives from each parish within our family (G.A. St. John Fisher, IHM) met to review the Mass schedules and accomplish that goal. This was to have been implemented prior to July 1st. While each parish did initially offer to drop a Mass, there was some backing off of that in the other parishes. It is inevitable that each parish will drop a Mass once Fr. Angi assumes his role of Pastor of the three parishes, the only question is timing. Looking at the range of Sunday Masses offered at the three parishes, when each drops what has been agreed to, there will be a full range of options for a Mass within a half hour of the Masses previously scheduled.
For our part, it is important that we do what we need to do, with the full expectation and assurance that other parish family members will follow suit. As a result, effective July 3rd, we will eliminate the 7:30 a.m. Sunday Mass.
This is our least attended Mass, though certainly populated by regular and faithful attendees. The early Sunday Mass for our parish family will be at Guardian Angels at 8:00 a.m. I realize this will be a change for all and maybe even unsettling for some, but it will serve what is needed as soon we will only have three priests to cover the Sacramental needs of the parish family. This time next year, Fr. Ebong is schedule to return to Nigeria and the “bonus” priest of the family will be gone. The parish office will be reaching out to those who have scheduled Mass intentions for 7:30 a.m. Mass beyond July 1st to assist them with rescheduling those Mass intentions.
Thank you for your understanding and your help in making the new alignment of parishes work. This is a daunting task and Fr. Angi needs our support in service the people of this family. Thank you for your prayers for him and for us all as we move forward, knowing that God is walking with us, and with that loving presence “all will be well”.