ST Gregory

October 30, 2022

Pathway Team Announcement

The gospel story about Zacchaeus is a lot like the extremes young people will go through just to get near their favorite musician at a concert, or even how the crowds gather at Saint Peter’s square to see the pope.   The musicians have bodyguards to protect them from the crowd and so does the pope.  However, the pope makes provisions to stop and briefly have contact with those who have come to see him.  He makes a point to acknowledge them and kiss their babies. Zacchaeus was hidden in the tree when Christ walked by.  Jesus looked up, called him by name, and told him to “come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.”  Christ loved him, accepted Zacchaeus unconditionally, and personally included him in his life. This is what caused Zacchaeus’ change of heart.

Love is the only thing that causes conversion.  If we just knew how to love more like Christ loves people, our world would change and become a better place.  Just as Jesus was rooted in His Father’s love, our heart needs to be centered in God’s unconditional love for us, in order for us to be able to begin loving other people the way that Jesus did. How can we invite Jesus to enter into our homes a little more than what we have been doing lately, and truly make him the center of our lives?

As Jesus called Zacchaeus, twelve people have been called forth in our family of parishes to form and lead our family of parishes forth in the Beacons of Light process in Phase One. (There were twelve apostles so this is quite appropriate we have twelve Pathways Team members.) Linda Banecker, our liaison, has made her recommendations for the Pathways Team, which is a twelve-to-eighteen-month transitional team charged with creating a plan and vision for us moving forth in this process. The Pathways Team with the pastor assists with the planning process for the family of parishes and will prepare the family of parishes for the Disciple Maker Index which is a survey in which parishioners of the family of parishes will be invited to participate.

Maggie Leon-Guerrero has been appointed as the leader of the Pathways Team. The team Maggie will be leading is comprised of Mark Dulle, Rick Oberschmidt, Dan Frey, Bradley Barnes, Bill Neyer, John Elliot, Jennifer Tiettmeyer, Jay Mather, Mary Salvaggi, Joan Cardone, and Dave Auxier. The task of this team is monumental. I believe and have confidence that each member of this team can make the decisions necessary in Phase One. Please pray for them and their leadership in our family of parishes.