ST Gregory

March 5, 2023

St. Gregory the Great Name Announcement

When choosing a name for an organization or an individual, it is wise to choose a name that’s original, yet easy to understand. As human beings, we like names that are easy to understand, spell, and pronounce. It’s natural to feel uneasy with a name that is very different from what we are used to because it’s so surprising. That feeling goes away once you’ve been living with the name. Eventually, when a name is chosen and we start using it, Everyone grows to love it. After almost a month of submitting names for our family of parishes and sorting through the plethora of possible names, a name has been chosen by the Pathways Team and myself for our family of parishes. The name chosen is: St. Gregory the Great.

The reasoning behind this choice from the names submitted is that for many years the seminary on Beechmont Avenue held the name, St. Gregory the Great Seminary, until St. Gregory the Great Seminary was closed in 1980 and Mt. St. Mary Seminary and School of Theology moved from Norwood to Mount Washington in 1981. St. Gregory Seminary was a major focal point in the areas of Mt. Washington, Anderson and Newtown. Many young men attended St. Gregory Seminary from this area. The seminary still stands majestically on Beechmont Avenue as a Beacon of Light for young men and others to come and learn about our Catholic Faith. It pays homage to the history of our area without giving preference to any one former parish in the family. Our parish family is very unique because the seminary lies within our boundaries.

Furthermore, St. Gregory the Great became one of the pope’s seven deacons, and also served six years in the East as a papal representative in Constantinople. He was recalled to become an abbot, but at the age of 50 was elected pope by the clergy and people of Rome. Gregory was content to be a monk, but he willingly served the Church in other ways when asked. He sacrificed his own preferences in many ways, especially when he was called to be Bishop of Rome. Once he was called to public service, Gregory gave his considerable energies completely to this work. St. Gregory the Great is the patron saint of teachers of which we have many in our family of parishes with two Catholic Schools and children in our Public School of Religion classes.

We will begin a branding process for our family of parishes’ new name. We continue to work through Phase One of the Beacons of Light process as we proceed to Phase Two. More to come!