ST Gregory

St. Gregory the Great

Deacon Paul Feie

Hi, I am Paul Feie. I am the second oldest of the 5 children of Bill and Betty Feie. I was born in July of 1952, so I have a monumental birthday soon. Our family moved from Oakley to Mt. Washington in August of 1959. In September of that year, I was off to second grade at Guardian Angels. I am a proud member of the class of 1966 and a graduate of McNicholas in 1970. I often thought that I was the oldest member of the parish, but I have found out since that there are others that have been members a lot longer than I have.

While at McNicholas I met Mary Beth Gardner in my junior year. We dated throughout high school and college and in September of 1974, I married my high school sweetheart. We have two children, Emily (September 1978) and John (March 1983). We were happily married for almost 45 years. In July of 2017 she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in March of 2019. I have four grandchildren, Cynthia (21), Grace (6), Everett (4) and Margot (9 mo.).

I am a professional surveyor and am currently semi-retired. I work for a small consulting firm in Mason, Ohio. I have been in that position for almost 10 years. Before that I worked for a larger consulting firm. I was ordained as a deacon in April of 2016, and I have enjoyed the role tremendously. I often tell people that being a deacon is everything I wanted and nothing I expected. I look forward to continuing my role as deacon within our new family of parishes.