ST Gregory

October 15, 2023

Parish Vitality Report in the Catholic Telegraph

In the November issue of The Catholic Telegraph, a Parish Vitality Report will appear concerning Beacons of Light over the past year and moving forward. The report will give a first year snapshot. There are 57 family of parishes in which ten are staffed by religious order priests. Families range from households of 206 to a high of 6035. The St. Gregory the Great Family of Parishes has close to 6000 households and is the second largest family of parishes in the Archdiocese.

Most notably, more than 1 in 5 Archdiocesan priests are eligible to retire in the next five years. Half of the families of parishes moving forward will have one less parochial vicar compared to their current number of priests. There will be percentages on those families of parishes that have a family leadership team (we

 are moving there), a unified staff (we do) and unified family pastoral council (we do). Many family of parishes have adopted a name such as we have adopted St. Gregory the Great. There has been great progress in the Archdiocese but more notably in our family of parishes.

Some have wondered about this reality of “one canonical parish.” One canonical parish simply means we are one parish but may have three campuses. Thus, we would be St. Gregory the Great Parish and St. John Fisher Church, Guardian Angels Church and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. Coming together

strengthens our numbers, our liturgies and our ministries. Currently, youth ministry, RCIA and Health Ministries are collaborating across all three parishes which enables us to serve in a stronger way a wider group of individuals. There is movement toward a joining of Social Action which is a strong suit in all three

locations. Recently, they came together to support and minister to the race track employees.

We have come a long way in a little over a year thanks to your support, prayer and willingness to get involved with a positive thrust. With all of our cooperation, we can make ourselves a strong, vibrant, faith filled and unified family of parishes. Thank you for your assistance over the past year and in moving forward.