ST Gregory

September 10, 2023

St. Gregory the Great Mass and Reception at the Seminary

This coming Tuesday, September 12, is our first gathering as the St. Gregory the Great Family of Parishes at 7:00 pm in the Chapel of St. Gregory the Great at Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary and School of Theology followed by a reception in the outdoor courtyard. This marks the first Mass in which members of all our family of parishes will be gathered into one chapel celebrating the Eucharist together. Each of our parishes is a Eucharistic Community with the Eucharist as the summit and source of all we are and do. The Mass itself will be celebrating the memorial of St. Gregory the Great whose feast day was September 3. This gathering culminates our nine-day prayer novena. Unity is very important as we move forward. Currently, we see Youth Ministry as a family of parishes collaboration. Health Ministries are beginning to unify. There is a St. Gregory the Great Staff and Pastoral Council. On Tuesday night, the logo for our St. Gregory the Great family of parishes will be revealed and soon a joint website will be launched. Eventually, bulletins will follow suit in the near future. With the Lord’s help and guidance, we continue to come together. Thank you for your prayers, understanding and support in this endeavor. We place ourselves under the love and protection of the Mother of God with the Beacons of Light Prayer: Mary, Mother of the Church and our Mother, present our prayer of thanksgiving to your Son. Beg from Him the graces we need to be faithful disciples who follow Him with enthusiasm and joy. May our witness to the love of God bear fruit in our archdiocese, parishes, homes and hearts. Teach us to be God’s joyful witnesses, to radiate Christ in all we do, so that all people might know, love and follow your Son through this life and into the next. Amen.