ST Gregory

August 6, 2023

Family Pastoral Council Formed & Joint Staff Announced

From the Beacons of Light Process:

The Parish Pastoral Council for the St. Gregory the Great Family of Parishes has been chosen. There are three members of the Council from St. John Fisher, Guardian Angels and Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Council members are: John Elliott, Dr. Gloria Parker-Martin, Chris Richard, Dan Frey, Jeff Zalar, Megan Roach, Pam Payne, Debbie Birck and Jim Moyer. Each member of the council has a term of office as there are bylaws for the operation of the council. This council oversees the family of parishes as a consultative body to the pastor.

In addition, there is now a joint staff until a leadership team is in place. The joint staff are the current staff members that are part of the Pathways Team. They are: Maggie Leon-Guerrero, Jay Mathers, Mary Selvaggi, Joan Cardone, Bradley Barnes, Mark Dulle, Jenifer Tiettmeyer and the Director of Worship for the St. Gregory the Great Family of Parishes, Michael Johnson.

A much deeper collaboration and joint efforts are now moving forward. Please pray for the success of this endeavor as we move toward one canonical parish.

Also, this weekend, August 5-6, missionary priests from Rwanda will be preaching at all the Masses. The Mission Appeal Collection will go toward the missions in Rwanda. Thank you for your generosity.