ST Gregory

July 2, 2023

One Year of Beacon of Light, Thanks to all of you!

Volunteering can be an incredibly transformative experience. It is difficult to

find the words to describe just how impactful volunteering can have on one’s

personal and professional development. Volunteering is a way to do something

tangible and impactful. One has the opportunity to use the skills one has to

help make a difference in the lives of others. In volunteering, one can find a new

passion for life and a deep desire to use one’s energy and time to continue to

help create a positive and meaningful difference in the world.

Regardless of where you are in your career, giving time, energy, and skills to help

others can provide an unparalleled, transformative experience. From building

new skills in emerging markets, to practicing your leadership and management

abilities, to gaining perspective and direction, volunteering can provide the

momentum and opportunity needed to pursue professional and personal


This weekend in our family of parishes, we recognize our volunteers. It is hard to

believe it will be one year since we announced the Family of Guardian Angels,

Saint John Fisher, Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Chapel of St. Jerome now

known as St. Gregory the Great Family of Parishes. This could only have been

done with the support and dedication of the hundreds of volunteers who have

given their time in getting the Family off to a great start. We couldn’t have done

it without you. On behalf of Fr. King, Fr. Alex, Fr. Thomas and myself, we simply

say, THANK YOU for all you do. We are truly blessed!